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  • You should apply a generous amount of lubrication.

  • Standing or seated, using one hand, pull your penis pointing down gently but firmly. With the other hand, using your thumb and forefinger, proceed to "milk," that is, squeeze the blood from the base of your penis to your penis head in a milking motion.

  • Each stroke should take anywhere between 2 to 3 seconds to complete.

  • If your penis is not erect at all, there will not be enough blood in there to effectively perform these exercises. If your penis is fully erect, it will make it too hard to manipulate.

  • You should do 100 repetitions. As your penis swells, apply more force. Take it easy the first couple of weeks, then after a month you can start applying more force.

  • You should end your "Jelqing" sessions by jiggling your penis up and down about 50 times.

  • As you milk down with one hand, place your other hand firmly on the base of your penis, with your penis between your forefinger and middle finger with enough tension to pull the stretched skin back.

  • You need to be able to fully milk the entire length of your penis without the skin blocking your movement.

  • We suggest doing these exercises three times a week if you have just started. After a week or two, go to four days a week. After two more weeks, work up to five days a week.
This exercise is one of the best and most effective basic methods of enlarging your penis naturally. This technique can be used by just about anyone, regardless of whether you're young or old, for dramatic, solid gains in penis size in a relatively short amount of time. Do these exercises once a day, three to five times a week.
After a couple of weeks on these enlargement programs, the skin behind the head of your penis may start to look puffy. This is a perfectly normal part of the enlarging process. You may have to start using your other hand to help you in the milking part of the exercise.



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