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Penis enlargement has been around for ages in many forms. It's important to know how penis enlargement has evolved and developed, what changes certain methods have undergone and what methods have remained unchanged. Think of it this way: the methods that have been around for a long time and didn't change are the best, their results are the best and they didn't need to be changed.

Penis enlargement is not something the modern society invent nor is it a result of the changes in human sexuality. It has been around for a long time and it will be around for as long as it's needed.

Human sexuality did change a lot in time and, since it's in the public eye, it tends to bring the size of the penis and penis related issues up front.

In Ancient Greece big penises were considered “distasteful”, a small penis being the trend everyone wanted to follow. Though to us it seems strange that the ancient Greeks were fascinated by small genitals, it makes sense, since the combat was physical then, body contact one of the most widely spread means of battle, so the genital organs would be more protected if they were smaller. In order to further protect their penises from injury, the ancient Greeks would, during exercising(which was done naked), stretch the prepuce over the glans of the penis then tie it with a ribbon.

In Africa, around 2000 years ago, men would hang weights to their penis to make it longer. It is believed that the weight hanging technique was used by Egyptian pharaohs to enhance the pleasure they got from sex.

Weight hanging is just what it seems to be: the hanging of weights to the end of the penis that in time lead to the lengthening of the shaft. This method isn't going to help the user achieve a bigger girth, it will actually diminish the girth. Also, frequent use will lead to the damage of blood flow to the penis. The penis needs fresh, oxygenated blood to run through it if is to function properly, but weight hanging makes the passage of blood through the penis more difficult.

One other way in which men have tried to enlarge their penis is by using herbal aphrodisiacs. Herbal aphrodisiacs can be ingested or applied directly on the penis. Though they do improve sexual appetite and quality of the erections by enhancing blood flow, they don't increase the size of the penis, neither in length nor in girth.

Aphrodisiacs these days are mostly Chinese remedies, that use a number of plants with known aphrodisiac properties. The sexual effects of herbal treatments ore doubled by their action in preventing or treating tuberculosis, diabetes and some kidney and heart conditions.

Among the most widely used herbal remedies we mention ginseng and yohimbe. Arabic civilizations were also concerned about the size of the penis. Unlike the Greek civilization, the ancient Arabs treasured big penises. To achieve the desired lengths, the Jelq exercises were developed in Arabic countries.

Boys were taught by their fathers the Jelqing technique and when they reached adulthood they achieved amazing lengths and girths. The Jelqing technique is the massage of the penis in its semi-erect state. The motions have to be rhythmic and the exercise must be performed regularly to get results.

First signs of growth become visible in the first month if the exercises are performed on a regular basis and in a correct manner.

The next penis enlargement device was invented in the 19th century. The penis pump was invented by Otto Ledever and it was a crude mechanism made of iron. The penis pumps work by creating a vacuum around the penis and that will swell the cells with blood. Penis pumps can not however, give the permanent results penis exercises give.

In fact, the most effective penis enlargement method is the exercising of the penis. Only exercising makes the penis longer, thicker, enables the user to have more erections, to maintain erections longer, ensures the health of the prostate gland, increases the quality and quantity of ejaculate.



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